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NullSpace VR CEO, Morgan Sinko on Hardlight VR Suit and Funding ~#SURF360

At the SURF Incubator, we have the pleasure of being home to some of the most innovative and inspiring startup companies in the US. NullSpace VR is one of these unique and thrilling businesses. Recently, CEO, Morgan Sinko, Jordan Brooks (CTO), and Lucian Copeland (COO) took a major next step in growing their business, by launching a Kickstarter campaign for the ultimate virtual reality experience with the Hardlight Suit.  (They started out with a $80,000 kick-starter goal, as of publishing time they are at $132,000!)

In this #SURF360, I sat down with Sinko to learn the story of the NullSpace VR company, some challenges they have faced, glean advice for startup companies getting funding and much more.


Q: Tell us a bit about NullSpace VR! How did you get started and how’s the journey been so far?

We started out of the Robotics lab at the University of Rochester. I originally proposed the idea after watching my brother struggle with motion control games on the Xbox Kinect. The project blew up after a few showings at competitions and expos. We then raised a seed round as we were graduating from our University and moved out to Seattle. We landed here at SURF and that has led us to where we are now. The journey has been amazing, a roller coaster sure, but amazing. For every stressful moment, there are two moments of “I love my job.” Continue Reading →

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Chronos Global Academy Brings Immersive Technologies to SURF and the Community

Here at SURF we are honored to be the home for so many companies and organizations who have a purpose and want to make a genuine difference in the world, Chronos Global Academy is definitely one of them.


Chronos Global Academy are the world leaders in Immersive Technologies. What they do is offer onsite courses for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. Their information ranges from learning to develop content for HTV Vive and HoloLens to harnessing the power of 360 cameras and storytelling. Continue Reading →

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