SURF is an outstanding startup community and facility. I just held a seminar there for 40 startup founders and business attorneys and could not have been more pleased with how conducive the environment was for learning, networking and socializing. Thank you Seaton for working so hard to help make my event a huge success!
Paul Swegle

I’m strongly recommending SURF as a location that fosters work and innovation in Seattle for at least three reasons.
1) SURF is a work environment.
First and foremost, what people at SURF do is work– not network or socialize. A functional work environment means a clean, quiet, clean facility with understood boundaries so that work is not disturbed. The furniture and environment are professional. The services, such as wifi, printer, copying, scanning, etc. are reliable.
2) SURF is a place to leverage startup knowledge
A value of SURF is the ability to meet people who inform, inspire, and even help, other startups. This is true within the SURF community and without.
Within: The startup community at SURF bands together to share lessons learned, and help preclude common failures. The SURF staff and residents actively engage with the community, and schedule opportunities for SURF residents to meet the other members of the SURF community, exchange ideas, and share feedback on services to startups.
Without: The SURF staff know the startup community exogenous to SURF, actively engage the community, and schedule opportunities for SURF residents to meet other startups.
3) SURF enables you to meet members of the investing community
Startups must be familiar with the investment community. SURF creates opportunities to meet angel investors, understand their motivations and rationale, and explore opportunities for fundraising.

Tyler D.

Big fan of SURF and the team they have running it. Seaton Gras is inspirational as founder of the space and always has time for entrepreneurs and is chock full of experience and wisdom. It has the best view of any co-working office in Seattle and is super-central for getting all around the Puget Sound area. We’re a Modern Marketing and Digital PR firm so we have clients at Microsoft and elsewhere, so having an office downtown equidistant to Redmond and on the C Line back home to West Seattle is fantastic. Can’t recommend SURF highly enough as you’ll also get access to a whole bunch of great events and networking meet-ups as well!

Mel C.

SURF is on the 7th floor of the Wells Fargo building in downtown Seattle and is a very professional environment for startups. I’ve located my company, Ombitron, at SURF for the last four years and have been extremely happy with it. SURF supplies the essentials for businesses: furnished office space, internet connectivity, printing, etc. I don’t have to spend time on any of these and can focus on growing my business instead. In addition, SURF houses only high-tech companies and startups. The environment is ideal for networking with other high tech companies, meeting with clients, getting real work done, and otherwise building great companies. The gravy is the location, right in the middle of downtown, surrounded by parking and great public transportation options (bus, light rail, sounder train, ferry, 2nd street bike lane).

H. Paul H.

Our company retreat had a great experience here! We were able to schedule and confirm our room space within 30 min following the initial email inquiry. Seaton took very good care of us and even let us preview the space. They made it very easy to schedule, especially when we had a previous venue cancel on us last minute. I highly recommend surf incubator! Thank you for taking care of us.

Natalie W.

Koverse, Inc. is situated at SURF and could not be happier! Seaton and Candace are affable, accommodating, knowledgeable and very helpful. There are monthly events taking place to mix and mingle with fellow start-ups as well as interesting and relevant outside meetups that occur from time to time in which one may participate. Shared kitchen space has all modern amenities and folks are respectful of each other’s sundries. There are rooms that can be reserved for all sizes of groups, movable whiteboards and other electronics you may reserve for your meetings. Everyone is casual, friendly and conscientious of others at work. It’s a great set-up, in a nice location with a panoramic view, and managed very well!

Caroline B.

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