SURF stands for: “Start Up Really Fast”

If you’re going to ride a wave, whether it is on the shore or in the world of business, you should not be too cautious, too timid or too slow. In both environments, it is always the one who dared to move decisively and quickly, while ignoring the warning signs, who will be the first to catch the wave. And the environments of the waves crashing on the shore or the ever-evolving business world are similarly dynamic, exhilarating and unforgettable. The surfer and the CEO will be able to recount their adventures as if it happened just yesterday. In both cases, there are sharp coral reefs to cut you, jellyfish that sting and sharks to take a bite out of you. Hopefully, at the end of your ride, you will be surrounded by a caring community that will celebrate your successful ride or will care for you when you have a really nasty wipeout!

Start Up Really Fast … And Enjoy the Ride!
2016-02-25 10.06.59 Ignore the warnings!

2016-02-25 14.15.33Catch the biggest ride possible!

2016-02-25 13.16.51Ride like there is no tomorrow.

2016-02-25 14.13.51Yes, you might wipe out.

2016-02-25 14.27.48A community to cheer you on!

And for the naming process of 13 startups, read this great GeekWire article:

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