Virtual Hackathon

COVID-19 Solutions

We will be providing additional information frequently on this page.

SURF Incubator is sponsoring our first virtual Hackathon. The focus will be to create meaningful and practical solutions for this global pandemic crisis caused by COVID-19. These viable solutions should be customizable to help communities around the world - with complete localizations.



The Hackathon runs from April 30 to May 7th.



Possible areas of scope but not limited to:

- Food distribution

- Personal Protection Equipment management and distribution

- Educational apps to help individuals understand the disease

- Analytics of the local pandemic issues

- Logistics of management

- Sharing Resource

- International Support


Since this "event" will be virtual, we have a lot of extra time for more people to contribute and build complete solutions and working prototypes.


Teams are encouraged to set up tools for team collaboration.



All ideas must begin at this Hackathon. Please do not present any idea that already has any traction.



Prizes will include:

- Cash prizes for teams will be announced 

- Free space at SURF for teams to continue the project

- Conference rooms once every week for three months

- Dedicated desks for a number of months

(Once the Stay at Home order has been cleared.)


We will also be seeking cash prize sponsors to support three (or more) winning teams.


Other prizes and awards will be added and announced as the project advances.



SURF is seeking additional sponsors to provide in-kind support with the goal of helping create real companies to deliver on the idea.



1) Submit your idea proposal for inclusion by April 25

2) Ideas will be selected for presentation on April 26th

3 Ideas will be shared with all registered attendees by April 27th

4) Teams will form around these ideas by April 30th

5) Completed presentations must be submitted by May 7th

7) Judging will be completed by May 11th

8) Awards will be posted to all attendees by May 12th

9) Prizes will be emailed or shipped by May 14th


Check back often as this project will be constantly modified and expanding.


Every aspect of this event is subject to change as things develop.


SURF Incubator reserves the right to refuse to include any idea for any reason.