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Honolulu is a spacious open-concept office complete with desks, chairs, office supplies, and monitors. The inspiring views of Downtown Seattle and the privacy of Honolulu will make your visit productive and satisfying. Click here to learn more about Honolulu.


Amenities and Features


  • 12-Person Capacity with Flexible Layout

  • Price Reductions for Multi-Day Sessions

  • 300+ Mbps WiFi

  • Coffee and Tea Stations

  • Next-Door Kitchen and Fridge

  • Monitors and Printers

  • 4 Free All-Day Parking Vouchers Provided

Ideal Uses


  • SCRUM Projects

  • Multi-Day Sprint Teams (Price Reductions)

  • Hack-a-thons

  • Workshops and Small Offices

SURF supports custom offers upon request, including multiple rooms and dates. If your meeting size changes, we are happy to modify your booking, no fee. We are flexible, communicative, and happy to work with you.


Click here for transit information.


SURF Incubator is a professional tech startup community in the heart of Seattle with a mission to enhance the local economy.

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