SURF Incubator's Mission

SURF Incubator will focus on using its new locations to expand its grass roots vision and create turnkey, self-sustaining, economic development engines worldwide. Each location is designed to maximize productivity, embrace local culture and inspire communities to grow.


Its mission is to mentor, invest and support local entrepreneurs that develop local solutions for local problems that can contribute to the growth of their local economies. These solutions can then be shared globally as these companies expand and mature

SURF History & One Vision

“SURF started nearly 10 years ago with very little capital, lots of perseverance and one vision in mind. That vision was to provide a stress-free setting where entrepreneurs could come, work and develop their ideas. This setting would provide the necessary support, services, and sources of potential funding to give their ideas the best chance of commercial success.” -

Seaton Gras, Founder & CEO

Today SURF is an iconic Seattle based shared work space facility primarily for entrepreneurs and startups. It has inspired or housed billion dollar enterprises such as Snapchat, Avalara, Nutanix and many others. SURF provides a dynamic and vibrant community driven culture with a diverse offering of professional services, administrative support and conducts over 200 networking events annually specifically designed to embrace, inspire, and support young companies and individual entrepreneurs to succeed.

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