Seaton Gras is the Founder and CEO of SURF Incubator. Seaton started SURF Incubator in 2009 as a way to help creative entrepreneurs find, support, and collaborate with each other as they build their companies. 

His passion is to build organizations that last, help creative ideas thrive, and work on his boat, the Merry Maiden. He has sailed around the world  and sees navigating the high seas as metaphorical to the entrepreneurial journey with its rough waters, need to know where you're headed at all times, and occasionally, places of calm.

Vince Cavin develops the strategic partnerships and startup program planning for SURF Incubator. Vince is a tech veteran, starting his career as a video game designer in Silicon Valley, working with companies such as Hasbro, Atari, and 3DO.


His passion is to create places, events, and programs that bring together various communities that celebrate innovation, creativity, and diversity. He's won national awards for his placemaking ventures and was part of the founding team for the world's first startup crowdfunding festival, One Spark.