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Whether you have a fresh idea or are a self-sustaining startup or small business, or are interested in a satellite offsite location, a SURF membership is right for you!


SURF is proud to offer three dynamic membership plans for an array

of needs the economy needs, both in the present and long-term:

Dedicated desks are private spaces without the barriers of a private office. They are inexpensive and foster more collaboration between members and companies.
All our flexible offices are private offices that can be easily arranged to accommodate the company's changing needs and scale.
The float desk is perfect for both the individual starting  your venture seeking resources and potential like-  minded team members and the solo entrepreneur.

On top of having your own flexible co-working office venue and demo area with ergonomic furniture, you will also interact and connect with a high-caliber audience representing high-growth startups, venture capital, angel networks, and boards of directors from various prominent companies and organizations.

Alumni and Members

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